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Vitality Media Productions Inc.

About Us

Moving forward the company has a robust development slate of internationally marketable television series projects, television movies, and one theatrical feature. 


Jeff and the company are also co-founders of POV a Toronto based none-for-profit program that mentors and teaches young adults from diverse backgrounds media skills, and then gets them paid internships within the industry. Jeff resigned from the role of vice president in 2020 after 14 years, and is proud of the work the organization continues to do.

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Jeff Kopas

President | Executive Producer

Jeff launched the company in 2006.  As a filmmaker he directed, wrote, and co-produced the dramatic feature film An Insignificant Harvey. Executive produced by Oscar Winner Don Carmody (Chicago) it was released theatrically in 2011, and sold into 23 World territories. He received film training from TISCH NYU and completed several short films (his last Dogasaur was showcased in the Guggenheim NYC). He has directed nationally broadcast commercials and completed several television documentaries. An alumnus of the TIFF Studio Producers Program (2016) and TAP Trans Atlantic Producers Program (2016), he released in theatres his second feature film Blood Honey (Bequest) in the fall of 2017, with a U.S release in Januray 2018.


Masha Litvinava

Executive Assistant/Production Coordinator

Masha is the ultimate team player.  She is not only used to wearing many hats, but sincerely enjoys doing so. She thrives in an environment where no two work days are exactly the same, and excels when each project has it’s own individuality and creativity. Her favourite aspect of being an executive assistant and production coordinator is helping others achieve their vision. She helps keep everyone organized, and always has a smile on her face.


Tracy Burke


Tracy is far too qualified to be working with us, but she does so out of her own goodwill, which is lucky for us because we really need her help. Along with making sure things are running smoothly and calling our internet provider every other week, she does our bookkeeping and handles many of our financials. Perhaps her most important job is the administration of cookies to Inca, who from day one has been Tracy's true boss.



The Real Boss Lady

Inca began her life as a childhood actor, and as such understands the rigours of being a talent among mere producers. She enjoys skiing, chasing rabbits, and bossing Tracy around the office to give her more cookies.

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