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Vitality Media Productions Inc is the boutique production | finance company of filmmaker Jeff Kopas, and has produced several award winning television documentaries and narrative theatrical feature films, The company has recently moved into dramatic television with a new series being developed with Freeform (Disney/ABC).


Before Selma there were the freedom rides; the story of a group of multi-ethnic strangers who joined the illegally integrated bus rides into the most racist and deadly parts of America. Inspired by the Emmy Award-Winning Documentary

this limited series is executive produced by Alicia Keys and is set-up at Freeform.

Whisky King Poster.jpg

The Whisky Queen

An ongoing premium series developed from the award-winning best selling book The Whisky King, the unbelievable real life story of the first female mob boss in history Bessie Starkman and her partner Rocco Perri. Two of the most infamous bootleggers in Canadian and U.S history, who changed history and made millions of dollars doing so.


Lady Franklin's Revenge 

A six-part series based on the award winning book, this is the true story of Lady Jane Franklin, wife of Sir John who was wrongly credited with the discovery of the North West passage. A global adventurer and original feminist who managed to manipulate not only the British navy but also to rewrite history, during a period when most women were expected to stay at home.

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